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April 2020

Utopian Production Tracks

Today, I finished compiling editing and finally releasing "Utopian Production Tracks". A sixty-nine track instrumental album taken from Martin & Bell's album "Utopia". The tracks are being sold as digital downloads for use as music beds for film, video and music editors as well as amateur film makers. Take a look on the "Recordings" page.


All of our work is now available from the recordings page. The picture links will take you direct to our "Bandcamp" page where the tracks can be purchased as digital downloads or streamed to your computer. Of course they are available on all major and minor music outlets, iTunes, Amazon etc.

The Headstrong Mining Company

The Headstrong Mining Company have released "Barbecue Sauce" on Tiny World Recordings through Avidplay. It is available in all major music outlets including: Amazon Music, iTunes, Apple Music, Napster, Deezer and many others.

Music Distributer Change

We have changed our music distribution from CD Baby to Avidplay. This means our music won't be available for a week or so on the various music outlets, iTunes, Amazon,Youtube etc. It'll take a week to ten days for the switchover to occur but once this is done it'll then be available from all the usual suspects.

New website

After what seems like an age, we have a new website. Take a look around, it won't take too long. ;)